Suit.Case is a ceremony, a roar of the sub-body, a redeeming act from the suits imposed on us by culture. Suit.Case is a highly visual and sensual ceremony. During 45 minutes, 25 liters of paint slowly drip from a tap at the bottom of a hanged container on top of the suited person. Suit.Case is highly visual and sensual ceremony. Approaching the body as a source and force of endless knowledge, Suit.Case places the body at the center as a container and juxtaposition of presence. Unveiling our most subtle human qualities as vulnerability, courage and drama on the shattering quest of awakening the soul. The sound art in this piece is played on specially designed instruments and electronics, generating a unique sonar world, of the underworld of our bodies. Suit.Case is a site-specific performance-installation made for both in and outdoors sites, flexible in duration and number of participants

EARTH 2018

Earth is a ceremony, Exploring the relations of human and earth, reconnecting to the roots of being alive on this earth, healing our most archaic fears of transformation and death. Earth is a self-burial ceremony. The cycle begins with digging and continues with entering and being fully covered under the earth and the process of moving out again. Depending on the duration the cycle can be repeated. Earth project touches the core of being. Connecting the contemporary and the timeless knowledge of presence through art and social awareness by taking the most intimate human inner processes and placing them in the public domain, as they are – real, not directed and manipulated. EARTH is a new art form, one that is pulling its powers and inspiration from individual and personal life processes, somatic therapies and social science. Earth is a site-specific performance-installation made for both in and outdoors sites, flexible in duration and number of participants.

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Shahar Dor


Shahar Dor is a multidisciplinary artist, teacher and the director. Internationally renowned, with over 30 years of experience, exploring the art of performance and multidisciplinary art, with a strong connection to the visual arts. His works can be described as ‘live art ceremonies’ that appear in the meeting point of the intimate and the epic. The starting point of his projects lies in exploring a material that creates an environment in which the body acts. This makes his work appreciated as both a performative form and a visual one. Shahar’s work led him to create, collaborate and lead numerous artistic projects throughout the world. As a pedagogue and entrepreneur, he founded projects as ARTNESS Art House, Shahar Dor Ensemble, the Solo Festival, The Performers Labs, Punto Zero.
He is known for his passion and pursuit of the invisible and presence, intuitive skills, and the creation of somatic vocabulary and new strategies for the life art experience.

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