Story of my Life 2020

210cm x 90cm x 10cm
Recycled Plastics and Metals
Ano/Year 2020

The love 2021

The love
Mixed Media on Canvas
80cm X 70cm
Year 2021

In this painting titled LOVE, i am inspired by the unconditional love mothers give to their children, the woman kisses the little boy, deep inside she is letting him know that he his safe, protected and provided. The smile of the boy and his eyes fill the canvas with joy, a way of him showing the unconditional love from his mother without having to say a word. I applied a lot of vibrant colors to celebrate the beauty of the universe when you and I can transfer the love from our parents to our children, and them also transfer to next generation, building a generational LOVE.

Colorful Africa 2021

80cm x 70cm x 10cm
Recicled Metals
Scrap Metals
Ano/Year 2021
Coana ©

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Sebastiao Coana


COANA (Sebastião Coana) Mozambican-born contemporary artist and social enterpreneur graduated from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in China- Beijing, (CAFA) year 2012. He discovered his talent at early age in 1995, later in the year 2000 he joined the youth art program at the NationalMuseum of Arts in Maputo and started to work professionally on art in the year 2001.Art style Inspired and fascinated by recycling and pop art, streetart, and social causes, coana chanell most of his art exhibition revenues for social causes on sustainable development goals in rural mozambique.His paintings and street arts are in several public and private collections in Mozambique including the National Museum of Arts, and in about 25 countries worldwide in China-Beijing 798 art district, New York, Mozambique,South Africa, Finland and others.
Coana recent projects includes 3000sqm of street art in Maputo city, Mozambique in early 2021.

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