Walk 2017

The walk towards each other. A few seconds later the two groups run into each other and start fighting.

Clash 2017

Clash. The moment the two groups run into each other.

Light 2017

Scene during a fight. Like dancers in the light.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

sebastian steveniers



I started off with photography on a late age, because I have a history of pro-basketballplayer. I decided to go back and study after I quitted basketball. I graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts(KASK) in Ghent where I got my bachelor in Photography.

I have an undeniable curiosity and hunger for both small and large, well-known and less well-known stories. I use my camera as a key to enter a world or to make any contact. It gives me a fly on the wall feeling, with which I can experience a tranche de vie for a while. I always try to approach my subject as objectively as possible and let my eye do the work.
Photography helps me to understand certain facets of life in a better way.

I’ve always been attracted to uncommon subjects and stories, wich aren’t mainstream and easy to approach.

2014-… Working daily for the Belgian leading newspaper “DE STANDAARD”, making portraits and documentaries about all themes national and international.

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