Public Nightmares to Private Dreams 2019

The show is a physical , theatre de l'absurd influenced show incorporating dance and aerial acrobatics as well as physical theatre movement as a means of drama
It is a collection of images from dreams and nightmares , kept in a moody atmosphere and runs at 30 mins (probably +10 minutes, as show is being extended and worked on) showtime
Inspired by the eastern European Industrial Theater ala Akhe, Derevo, Serious Clowns and performers such as Denis Lavant and Adam Read, this show aims to create an almost immersive surrounding , by partially using the audience as a means of communication for the character and engulf them , with the help of lighting and soundscape , in a surreal landscape.
"Public Nightmares to Private Dreams" is told with mostly Dance Movement, Acrobatics and Physical Theatre , and follows the confusing images created in our subconsciousness, influenced by our external  world as well as by our thought procedures , and projected at us in our dreams 

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Sasha Krohn


Sasha Krohn is a Aerial artists and Dancer with a passion for physical and industrial theatre ala Akhe, Derevo and more
At the age of 24 , Sasha started teaching himself Aerial Acrobatics and specialised in Aerial Straps , as well as Dance and Movement . Later on he got influenced by performers and companies such as Denis Lavant and Punchdrunk , and started exploring the possibility of physical storytelling through acrobatics and dance.
He presented his works on stages and experiences such as Nick Knight’s Exhibition – “A Beautiful Darkness”, TedX, Platonov Arts Festival and more , and also choreographed movement and aerial work for the German National Theatre show “ Let Them Eat Money”
Sasha’s work is based around surreal elements and acts that no matter how illogical, subject the character to irrational actions and surrounding.
The content of his work is mostly influenced by subconscious projections and ideas which often find their root in social behaviour, issues & changes .

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