"Relieve" 2019

"Relieve" is the narrative of the creation of new energy burdened in the bud.
The expression of the mind suffocated by the thought of unresolved.
This originates a type of thought ready to be extrapolated and "donated" to these who claim do not understanding, letting empty and malleable soul, that as a time will not to be oppose.
Impose another phase which provides for the total elimination of thinking and the present, thus forming a third dimension.
In a thought that will still manages to rigenerate continue the search for liberation of the soul, this is in her expression, and does not allow gratified who solely desired control."

Sara SAYU Medea – "Undersea" mural project 2021

This year finally finished this project i San Trovaso – Preganziol, (TV) – Italy –
Realized by "Wavemechanic" concept,
"Wave as mechanic of movement"
Working for this personal project and concept,
in this artwork integrate biomechanic theme in space-marine setting for figurative part of work.

"WindSteel" 2019

WindSteel" rappresent an "enterior journey" made by developing personal concept of wavemechanic combined with anatomy, in this rappresentation coincide the hardness of materials used in a context of "raw" thinking and not "cruel" only for it costancy."

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Sara SAYU Medea



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"Wave as mechanic of movement"

"From Venice, Sara Medea in art "Sayu" mainly develop biomechanic theme, present in her artworks as mechanic of movement, on space-marine setting.
Sayu artworks are a dive in a sef-knowledge the search for the soul after deliverance from earthly life.
Open new prospective on a new dimension.

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