Fugue State 2021

Concrete and fluorescent lighting permeate our culture as easily mass produced and functional materials which serve as the altar of industrialized efficiency.

Santiago Burelli creates a sonified light sculpture that examines our interaction with and attraction to concrete and fluorescent
lighting. This sound and light sculpture speaks to the mass production of concrete and fluorescent lighting while offering an optimistic pause from the continuous negative tropes that follow these materials.

All of the sounds of the sculpture emanate from the
fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures. The sculpture is sonified by placing contact microphones on each lightbulb. as the lights are
turned on and off we experience polyrhythms, low frequency tones, and pitched sounds that create a tumultuous composition.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Santiago Burelli

United States

Santiago Burelli (b. 1993 Caracas, Venezuela) is an artist whose practice spans a variety of genres from documentary film making, to sound installation, sculpture, and even entering the fringes of popular music such as techno, electronica, and art-pop.

Regardless of the medium, Burelli aims to approach each project from politically and sociologically nuanced angles that explore our relationship to materials, spaces and sounds that we take for granted. By experimenting with industrial building materials such as concrete, lighting, steel, and electronics, Burelli brings to light our own convoluted relationships with industry, production, and consumerism.

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