Hair pins 2021

Unnamed 2021

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Sanja Mladenovic


Sanja Mladenovic was born in Knjazevac in 1990. After completing Grammar School in Knjazevac, the artist enrolled to College of Applied Studies in Design, Technology and Management Belgrade, Department for Design of Textile and Clothing, and graduated in 2013. After graduation, the young artist started working as illustrator and muralist in Knjazevac and Belgrade, as well as stylist at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade. Additionally, the artist has worked as illustrator and muralist in Sweden and has been engaged by numerous Swedish authors of children’s literature. From 2017 to 2019, the artist worked as lecturer, designer, illustrator and muralist in the People's Republic of China.
As a representative of young generation of artists, Sanja Mladenovic tends to use new media and modern technologies, but also develops her artistic expression in wall paining- medium size murals. The artist uses acrylic paint, sign-pens and flow markers, digital images and prints,

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