Cone flower 2018

Oil on canvas 40×46 inches

Chip dense 2. oil on canvas two panels 48×75″ each 1996

In my chip design paintings several layers of colors are brush painted on a canvas with a final off-white coating scraped on top to bring out some decadent look. I use mainly earth colors to give some warmth to the paintings and to the chip itself. The largest chip design I painted may contain as much as 800 elements grouped into series of three interconnecting shapes. Given 15 different shapes and 15 different colors this painting can be realized in a very large number of shape/color combinations counted in the millions.

How such complicated pattern could be reduced to just a few shapes and colors. The answer is in the abstract chip painting below. The complicated pattern becomes a few dispersed shapes and colors.

Abstract chip 1. Oil on canvas 50″x60″ 2006

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Sandro Callegari


Sandro Callegari was born in Italy.
Trained as an engineer, he spent most of his professional career in the United States. His paintings are influenced by the high technological aspect of the American culture as well as the earth colors of the Italian landscape. He has shown his work in Italy and United States. He lives and works in Cold Spring, NY.

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