Transitional < body > Witch Warrior ()==[:::::::::::::> collaboration between trans dj / producer Odete & non-binary queer visual artist Sandra Araújo. Although, labels should not matter as they (still) tend to objectify over human complexity, it brings up to surface the translation / representation of < gender > into social space. This virtual identity #shout(s) out to a sensory and imaginative concept of identification through videogame related characters. An empathic form of identity and strong emotional connection with the < avatar > as a set of default actions / assets that translate into tools / text of visual representation.

u$aar v3.0 2019

social media platforms stealᵀᴴ analytics & algorithmic lifestyleᵀᴹ in gifs̸ loops or how data is shaping & twisting social / political events < memetic media coverage >

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Sandra Araújo


sandra araújo is a digital artist that spent endless hours shooting at monsters & strolling through mazes. so, it only felt natural for < them > 2 evolve through an experimental & explorative process of the visual culture of video games & popular gif files. also feeds on social media platforms 2 engage her animations into the depths of gameplay plots. < they > still plays old school computer games.

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