MF 77 2020

This frame is an abstract 3D reproduction of the iconic train of the metro of Paris

FNM EA 940 2019

This frame is an abstract 3D interpretation of a train wagon spotted in north Italy

FNM 08-275 UNIMAT 3S 2019

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Samuele Pagani


Samuele Pagani also known as Murda Sam was born the 17th of september 1991 in the Milan’s suburbs. He began his art training in the art institute and he finished with a graduation at the fine arts academy of Brera: primar input which takes him to focus on the digital arts. The very first approach is with the generative design, that he use mainly in the VJing and in performaces. After that he developed some knowledge about lighting design, which permit him to travel in different cities for work. He currently lives in Paris, where he works as a freelancer.

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