Under this blazing light 2020

The following installation is an exploration of the underlying moralistic mechanisms embedded in folktales and other oral traditions. Through a multimedia installation, I want to collect narratives from different cultural backgrounds and use them to recontextualize a series of artworks (Paintings and ceramics). This massive piece makes use of art as a tool for communication
and reflects on how narratives can create and reinforce structures of identity. The installation is made of paintings, ceramics and audio.

The big schism 2020

The big schism. Mixed media on canvas. 495cmx210cm.
In this painting I am doing an investigation on subjects such as femininity, motherhood, humanity, and nature. These themes are adorned by iconic Afro-Caribbean elements in a contemporary environment surrounded by situations related to our dystopian present (identity,third world topics, covid…)

Untitled – Hunting, breeding and gathering. 2020

Untitled – Hunting, breeding and gathering . Mixed media on canvas. 375cmx210cm.
In this painting I am interested in exploring the capacity of art a as tool for communication and strong reinforcer of narratives, to construct pluralities where different realities/perspectives can coexist. To illustrate in a way how the different backgrounds has the capacity to be synthesized.
In the picture a group of women are hunting in a mountain.

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Samuel Sarmiento



Samuel Sarmiento is a self-taught artist. In 2010, he undertook a Master's degree in Artistic Production at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. He has participated in various exhibitions, individually as well as collectively in Venezuela, Aruba, Germany, Spain, Panama, Argentina and China. His work is composed of enigmatic characters, giving it an air of uncanniness, nonconformity and uncertainty together with a nuance of ludic and unreal sensations. His work is the "pictorial equivalent" of his emotions, thoughts and beliefs related with Caribbean folktales. Samuel lives and works in Aruba.
Sarmiento's paintings tell legends, tales and metaphorical stories, which, using a simple image, transmit a message (Archetype) without the need for rational interpretation. When it comes to theory, writers like Cesare Pavese, Jorge Luis Borges and Chinua Achebe, have all had an influence on his past as well as current work.

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