Print the City 2019

This home-crafted-post-industrial good plays with typography and architecture, with paint and words, with repetition creating patterns, with the infinite
reproduction of an action, becoming a message for its own sake, thanks to the use of the tool named Infinite Tag Roller. As most of the tools we commonly use are extensions of
the body, giving us super capabilities, this is a tiny and very personal “eco-industrial” revolution, that can be applied on different scale and for different purposes.
I stick to the DIY and maker philosophy, engaging also a discussion around consumerism and product focused economy in the contemporary world. All fields are dipped in to it, art too.
I am definitely centering my attention to the power of the creative process in order to achieve a specific output, with a special spot light on the final performance.
Please find moret about this project on the website.

The Errorist 2019

This project is based on the original documentation of train crashes recorded in UK from 1940 to 1970. Newspapers that repeatedly reported pictures of the accidents with effective titles and infographics are the main panorama. Wether exploring specific spiritual regions, political poetry developments, trans-social trends or autobiographical experiences, what is left to the viewer is the imprinting of the error. Considering a very hard task to confrm the existence of an objective morality, consequently ethics introduces a mistaken way of thinking of the world and of conducting practical justice. What is fair, what is not? Everything is subjective and fragile.
Error, in depth, is the major metaphor for understanding a delusion that is deeply rooted within us. But it also represents game changing putting in to perspective the idea of damage.
All the painted interventions are a nostalgic call to graffiti art supplies such as markers and spray cans mixed with collage technique.

No Plug Sound Machine 2015

This machine explores the idea of a future whereby resources that we hold as part of life will no longer exist.
Considering an hypothetical crisis situation, imagine yourself re-starting from point “zero”, keeping in mind all the advanced technologies we reached till that
point, and recreate the comforts we are immerse in today, but without the power supplies we commonly take for granted.
“How to make electronic music without conventional electricity?”
The machine is powered without recurring to conventional
technology, as electricity supply, solar panels and other sophisticate systems, but focusing on alternative clean energy, harnessing the world around us. Earth battery is the response. The light theremins and the LEDs
benefit electricity from the earth batteries plant pots, and the mechanic core is a gramophone activated with hand handle.The main composition concept is Beat, Sample and Loop, reproducing an electronic rhythm combined with an analog sample.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Samira Benini Allaouat


My urban art travel starts in Bologna (Italy) in 1995, passing from drawing on paper to wall painting.
Three words to describe my work: eclectic, experimental and playful. I am a multidisciplinary artist touching a wide range of practices. My art on walls sticks to the radical graffiti writing movement and lately I am deepening in to research, creating custom art-tools as the in the project "Print the City". Slowly DIY philosophy is becoming DIT (Do It Together). One of my pride is the “No Plug Sound Machine” that was exhibited at the Tate Modern Museum in London with her collective Hackoustic. I also performed in different places on international level since 25 years, lastly such as Ausland in Berlin and the London Street Hackaton. I am also the cofounder and art director of a trimestral creative magazine made in Barcelona. In the experimentation I look for new points of view, connecting also with local communities and opening constructive dialogs.

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