blur11 subvariant 2020

'blur11 subvariant' is a silkscreen and video installation piece that juxtaposes the representation of electrical error artifacts within both traditional printed media and video as an examination of how we view and engage with the history of digital imagery and how it takes up space in both the virtual and physical.

'ocean vr 2' 2020

Considering the idea of the 'edition' and how screenprinted imagery is conceptualized and printed, 'ocean vr 2' is a textile installation incorporating different silkscreen methodologies as they exist for paper and textile and traditional ideas about artistic mediums. Combining visual elements from photography, new media, and painting through print, this piece creates a dialectic between virtual surfaces and physical spaces.

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Samantha Blumenfeld

United States

Samantha Rori Blumenfeld is an American experimental new media and screenprint artist living
and working in Seoul, South Korea. She studied printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design and is
currently finishing her degree at Columbia University in Visual Arts. During a lapse in studio
access, she began experimenting with web-based art experiences including creating web art,
internet-based performance, and curating the Korean embassy for The Wrong New Art digital
biennale. As she continues to refine her visual language, she has again begun working within
print as an extension of her work in new media. She currently runs a printmaking studio which
she utilizes as a research space for her work.

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