number 496 My love of children, books and music inspired by Lori Martinka | 2018

WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? ( is an ongoing, interactive, social media, digital, art project where the answers act as an inspiration for Sally Sheinman to do a unique ipad image – a new kind of portraiture. This is an art project about one artist connecting with individuals around the world. Sally has done over 500 images in response to the question and counting. Answers are submitted via:

twitter #WhatMakesYouYou
instagram sallysheinmanwhatmakesyouyou


number 500 What he does me is the blue thread where I support my feet like a tightrope walker suspended between sky and earth. inspired by Daniela Azur Lepri | 2018


number 466 I am an architect-artist. inspired by Dragica Petrovic | 2017

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Sally Sheinman

United Kingdom

Sally Sheinman is a prolific painter with an interest in contemporary technology and its potential uses in art production. Sally is a conscientious artist with a deep concern for communities (past, present and mythical), people, science and the role of the individual as a contextual starting point for creating accessible but thought provoking work. She is an American and grew up on a dairy farm close to the Canadian border. She has also previously worked on Wall Street. Sally received a BA degree from the State University of New York at Albany and undertook postgraduate studies at Hunter College, New York City where her tutors included Tony Smith and Robert Morris. Sally has lived in Britain for the last 25 years. To learn more about Sally and her work visit


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