Amygdala Anomalies 2018

Amygdala Anomalies
MUMBAI, 2018

As an experience, Amygdala Anomalies seek to explore the constant conflict between fear and fascination – invoked by the unseen, unheard and unknown.

Three years in the making, the project started out with a set of sketches.
Letting my subconscious take over, I fleshed out fourteen otherworldly creatures.
Graphic, surreal, and fascinating at the same time, the next step was to breathe life into them. For this, I chose to collaborate with fourteen musicians and sound designers who interpreted every character sonically, evoking their sounds, surroundings, and state of existence. As visitors walked into the exhibition space, they were greeted with a dark, empty zone with fourteen black monoliths, each featuring a creature. With headphones and a website link provided at the entrance, they could walk around the entire space, from one monolith to the other, and explore the sounds created for each of them.

Grey Matter 2019

Grey matter for F(r)iction at Kona
Entering ‘Grey Matter’ was like entering Sajid’s brain, constantly lost in stories, which seemingly connect with each other in an infinite network. As a multi-sensorial experience, this installation evoked an intimate interaction with the subconscious, the divine creator, who breaks all laws of physics to create a metaphysical world of possibilities.

Ugly Truth 2017

Sassoon Dock Art Project
MUMBAI, 2017
Sculptures created with materials found in a landfill of Mumbai became a mixed media installation at Sassoon Dock Art Project. The install revolved around the phenomenon of pareidolia's tendency for perception to impose a meaningful interpretation on a nebulous visual stimulus. Shaped as faces, these artworks created a confrontation between the residents and their own garbage, making them realize that it just does not disappear once out of their sight.

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Sajid Shaikh


Sajid Wajid Shaikh
Sajid Wajid Shaikh is a Visual artist from Mumbai, India.
His practice is a conjunction of the conscious and the subconscious mind. While his conceptual practice is aided by the material world, his drawings transcend space, time, and memory to question nature. Product of a meditative process, these drawings create a world of anomalies, seemingly fictive and surreal.
Over the years, the artist has also begun exploring conceptual art by recontextualizing everyday objects to examine their positions in nature, and also challenge their form and function. In an equally imaginative presentation, Sajid showcases these works through photography, two-channel films, sculptural installations, and performance-based pieces.

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