Foodchain Disruption 2019

The painting shows a distorted foodchain where animals have gone crazy and eat other animals that are not from heir usual eating diet. This illustrate how at lost are the wild species right now.

Ouroboros counterclockwise 2021

This is a parody of the ancient symbol of ouroboros of the snake bitting its own tail and symbolising the eternal renewal of cycles and thus stability. But here the machine is accelerating and becomes threatening and scary with an increased rhythm of destruction

The Cosmic Dung Beetle 2021

The Dung Beetle is a very peculiar insect that pushes a ball of excrement. Here it is pushing the today Earth that is more and more looking like a ball of trash. Yet the dung will use it to feed its larva, that is a message of hope

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.



I was born in the North of France in 1982. I was first a biologist before turning a full-time artist. I was confronted with the excesses and damage of the industries of modern societies during a first corporate career and life-changing exploratory trips finished to develop my creative and committed force .
With the power of art, I wish to add to the work of so many activists and contribute positivity to the change of society of tomorrow and guide the viewer into a contemplative reflection on the natural world and their agency to it.

I have exhibited in museums and galleries in Hong Kong, London, USA and soon in France. My coming exhibitions are at the VanDusen Botanical Gardens of Vancouver and at Château Le Kinnor in Normandy. I am currently finalists of the London Art Biennale, results of which will be know next month (July).

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