Orchestra 2020

Orchestra is the music of colors and effectts that I played with my pallet knife and brush to creat my own rhythm

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Safaa Afifi


Safaa Afifi
Cairo Egypt

a visual artist 
graduated from faculty of fine arts interior design
I love mixing colors in my style and I love the details
My works of abstract art in a different way with my own vision and my sense of mass and color ,their relationship and harmony with my furs is what distinguishes my paintings

Participated in several exhibitions. 
Africa in the eyes of the artist – Beit Al-Sinari
East Nights – Pharaonic Village
Fantasy in The Art of Composition – The Palace of The Culture of The New Egypt
The warmth of the 1980s at the Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum
Special exhibition in Derb 1718
Africa Exhibition at the International Cultural Center
Special exhibition free touches sponsored by the Ministry of Culture at Ramtan Taha Hussein Center
Exhibition from Sinai – Opera house
Arab Visions Exhibition in Al-Ahram 2016
Art House Exhibition In Al-Ahram 2017
Symposium Shams Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh
Symposium Mediterranean Days of Visual Arts in Tunis, Nabel and Hammamet 2015

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