Todo lo que nos estorba 2017

Scenic Landscape about the cuestion: who are in my body before me? expresion around moviment and memory.


Scenic landscape #3
Talk about missing the mind, body and change the way to be another.
Premiere in Bogota, Colombia.

TUR 2019

Part of the performance: TUR {Scenic Landscape#1}
Biographic Scenic landscape. Premiere in Portugal 2018. Tour in Argentina, México, Cuba, Colombia and Brasil.

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Saeed Pezeshki


Saeed Pezeshki
He is director of Circuito Liquen | contemporary art since its foundation in
Aguascalientes, Mexico in 2003. Professor and director of Theater, Dance and Dramaturgy in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Cuba. where company has resided and where it has taught courses and seminars of Air Theater, Physical Theater and acting training.
He has directed more than fifteen staging in the three countries mentioned and
participated in international Theater, Dance and Poetry Festivals. As an interpreter
of theater, dance and circus has participated in more than thirty shows in Europe and
Latin America.
He has published the poems La A. No recitar (Mexico 2009) and Máxima (Cuba 2010).
Chief Commissioner of the South American Winter Salon and Artistic Director of the Week
of the Mexican scene in Spain.
Fellow of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts of Mexico in 2013 – 2014,
in Dramaturgy, under the mentoring of Alejandro Tantanián (Argentina). Scholarship
National Institute of Perfor

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