Through abstract forms, I find the way to materialize a unique expression of personal experiences, feelings and thoughts. My motivation is to show my true nature. Each one of my works carry an intense and profound emotion. Much thought and control is given to each stroke, line, texture, color and composition, as I dare to share my inner self. Mediums and materials are carefully chosen, collect, and acquired through the years. The pieces of metal, wood, cord and others all have had a special moment and have been integrated in order to fulfill my wish to communicate.
Delicate papers, as our feelings, ink sticks grinded on its stone, along by meditating, that is diluted with water to become the flowing ink, like life itself; handmade brushes adding to the strength and or lightness of thought, with the endeavor of sharing a complete sensation of unique quality.
Ink, Pastel, Charcoal, Acrylic , WASHI Japanese paper
52 cm x 43 cm


My work is based on the SHODO form , without intending to do Japanese calligraphy I do write in my own manner in order to share my inner self, work that I call SHO ( in Japanese it means writing). What the SHODO artists also practice who they create is the making of their own ink, I also grind the SUMI bar against its stone in order to produce my ink. Along with the making of the ink, when grinding, one meditates in order to transmit oneself into the ink and when placing the strokes a ones essence is deposited onto the paper.
Ink, WASHI Japanese paper
93 cm x 63 cm


Ink, Acrylic, Pastel, Charcoal, Sisal Cord, Tin, Corrugated Paper, Amate Paper ( handmade bark paper), WASHI Japanese paper.
60 cm x 50 cm

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Studied Industrial Design at the Universidad Iberoamericana, assisted the Surikoff Art Institute in Moscow, Ex USSSR, attended painting and drawing workshops in Mexico as well as in New York with relevant artists such as Jose Luis Cuevas, Nishisawa, Aceves Navarro, Graham Nickson amongst others. Have had SOLO exhibitions in Canada; Mexico; US, as well as in several cities in Europe , also have participated in collective shows. Shown my work in Art Fairs in US; Mexico; Canada and Europe. Was selected by the XII th edition of the Florence Biennial. Have been represented by galleries in Buenos Aires Argentina; Toronto, Canada; New York, USA; Madrid Spain; and in Oaxaca, Mexico City, Mexico.
Won 1st place for the poster of the 13th International Film Festival of the Cineteca Nacional in Mexico. My work has been acquired by diverse companies as well as for private collections.

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