Signor presidente, dov'è Hayia Sofia 2021

Where is hayia sophia sir turkish president.

Hayia was never just a museum, it was an aesthetic and historic celebration room for everyone

Sol desabrochando da mulher 2020

Ho sempre sognato un mondo giusto, dove le donne potessero vibrare ai loro misteri senza paura o interruzione.
Un mondo dove guardando dentro, la donna può sentire il sole che sorge lentamente ai margini della sua anima.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ruben Zacarias


“I was raised in a family where love for others, sharing, humility, simplicity … And other values ​​spoke volumes.
I drank matriarchal philosophy in the hot afternoons where I accompanied my grandmother looking for roots to cure various diseases, there on the banks of the Milela River in Nivava.
Then I spent most of my childhood in Nicoadala, Mocuba and Quelimane.
And in this last place, through a classmate and artistic passion at the time at the age of 14, I met Mestre Binda and it was at his Ateliê (Bindarte) that I graduated in drawing, painting, crafts and a little criticism. All of this from 2008 -2010.
I held exhibitions nationwide, in cities like Maputo.
And in other countries like Portugal, United States of America, Japan, Czech Republic … by sending the works.
I paint about everything that touches or awakens me a little different from the usual feeling like travel, serenade, the return of love, Coconut water, Poetic party …
I paint and defend childs and women .

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