La Pesca 2006

Técnicas mixtas, oleo + fotografia analoga.

La Pergola de las Salitreras 2005

Tecnicas mixtas, montaje de oleo sobre fotografía, Corresponde a: Del Salitre a Iquique

Tren Calichero 2005

Tecnicas mixtas: “Del Salitre a Iquique”

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Roxana Werner


Roxana paints on different surface using oil and mixed techniques. Her work is developed by investigating the history and culture of different places that inspired her. She said: My painting is committed narration; it does not hide neither the dark nor light side of reality. I developed my work following a specific theme. Each cycle lasts of years until the moment there is nothing more to say. She has held important group and individual exhibition, such as “The Why of Valparaiso” at UNESCO in Paris, France.
About her artwork: Marta Puig (Editor-in-Chief and art historian at Contemporary Art Curator, Stockholm, Sweden) wrote: “Roxana Werner is an artist specializing in realistic painting in oils. Despite the extraordinary technical approach to her work she is a highly personal and expressive artist. Her artworks have a mixture of realism and dream-like sequencing that is pretty great to take in.”
Some of his last work was exhibited at the Florence Biennale, 2019

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