Young king waits for love 2018

Between modernism and antiquity, this photo represents today’s society. Popular culture obliges, we are permanently rocked between old and new.
The sexualized image of the man also makes it possible to divert the codes and change the image of the woman object.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Romain Berger


Coming from a film and theatre background, I have long been fascinated by images, popular culture and stereotypes.

In my personal creations, I create artistic works that are offbeat, uncomplicated and colourful. A fantasized and imaginary world, close to the universes of Pierre et Gilles, James Bidgood and David Lachapelle (the same artist who made me want to take photographs).

We are in an excessive, hypersexualized and at the same time puritanical society, which overconsumes, discriminates and practices single-mindedness by depriving us of our freedom. My photographs are above all an ode to this freedom and tolerance. This is why I work a lot on colour and the body. The body is alive, beautiful and it must be highlighted, without modesty.
I like not to limit myself and to be able to express what I wish in order to dream our world, by bringing it to light, as much in its best as in its worst.

Constructing my photographs from A to Z.

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