i-dragons. 2009

Ferrytales are part of our cultural heritage. Thous myths disapearing bit by bit. In a modern society seems no place left for thous storys which shaped our identity. With this background my dragons are sitting for decades in the tree. There is nobody anymore telling ferrytales to the children or the next generation. So they sitt and wait for a new revival, a better time for them. They sitt so long, they are already became part of the tree, almost a plant and not a proud animal anymore.


out of space. 2010

Out of space as alos the titel of the symposium in Holland where the piece was created. Do we run out of space because of a dramendes growing of our species. Space and recources are limited so we open our mind towards the cosmos. You can enter the sculpture by entering the building and climbing the stairs. You will end up in the cocoon itselfe and the only opening points towards the sky and cosmos as the direction of our longing.


Lillywhite. 2008

A hybrid washed on the shore. A big creature with a mouth and a tail and a big woven body. A body to collect. Wherever i built this creatures on the shore, in the trees, suspended, they will collect storys. Thous invisible vibrations of feelings, spirit, passion and much more out of the unknown. And one day i will start my journy to visite them all and ask them for their storys.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Roger Rigorth


Roger Rigorth was trained at the arts and crafts school Michelstadt/Germany as a wood carver. Since 1991 he worked as free lance artist. He participated in the last 20 years at international symposiums and exhibitions. As artist in residence, he worked in different programs in Australia, USA, China, Germany, Italy; Taiwan and Denmark. He won numerous awards in Germany, France, Italy and the USA and has a cooperation with the San Diego based writer Ishmael von Heidric-Barnes. He also is co-fonder of the International Forest Art Association Darmstadt and member off the Darmstädter Sezession. Besides land art projects he creates sculptures and installations in public spaces and works as a curator for exhibition, projects and residency's.

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