Fuck it, I love you. 2021

The ethernal conflict between love and hate. This artwork is an indoor murales in which feeling are in contrast and it's difficult to manage this. So the message is confused and violent. Two words, one finger: fuck you.

Fire in me 2021

I wanna feel it in my skin
I wanna wake fire within
Light my fire
Light the fire in me
Light the fire in me.

The Room of Reflection 2021

One room, one hundred mirrors.
A place Not a place.
Out of time and out of time.
Mirror of one's soul.
Mirrors for many souls.
An animated room.
A room to reflect.
To reflect. Between mirrors and thoughts.
To mirror yourself.
To get lost.
To find yourself.
Mirrors of different sizes and features, all ready to collect and return the "reflections" of those who enter.
An installation that is also a collective work: the collection of thoughts, concerns, hopes and … Reflections. The initiative was born The initiative was born from Plagio (aka Massimo Gioscia, Turin artist) and Peonia (Alyona Kosareva, Russian artist), as part of their Rockmantic Rooms artistic project.
The room was created with the intention of bringing together in one place the thoughts of many people who are experiencing a delicate historical moment and who,
for the first time, they can express their "reflections" within a dedicated installation that will also become an artwork.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Rockmantic Lab



It's dance
It's music
It is silence
It's the day
It is the night

There is always a magnetic attraction between two polarities.
Mysterious things happen between two polarities.

One day 2 different styles,
4 eyes, 4 hands met on a canvas and it happened: the fusion.

The fusion of two art forms,
The fusion of two opposite poles,
Of two cultures,
Of two languages,
Of two techniques.
Two that became one.

A mix of oil, acrylic, calligraphy, spaces, graffiti, materials of various kinds
The receipts for the morning coffees we drank together, the brushes and many other pieces we found
Meaningful to insert on a canvas.

Each canvas has a story.
Each canvas is a colorful moment captured in space.
Each canvas is a poem.
Each canvas is a dance.

We called this beautiful fusion "Rockmantic".
Romantic delicate oil brushes of Peony and the strong rock rhythm of Plagio.
By merging into the colors, lines, spaces of the canvas, we found something complementary and interconnected.

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