Black Boy Joy 2020

I think the most important lesson from this series is that vulnerability is often so misconceived that men in society continuously hear messages of “Don’t be controversial. Don’t be unique. Don’t do anything ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘selfish’. But at the core vulnerability is consciously choosing to NOT hide your emotions or desires from others.
Men need to start realizing that it is okay to be vulnerable and not let themselves be bound by toxic masculinity norms. Understanding that there is no shame in doing so and letting people in your space to get to know and experience the real you.

Hand of God 2020

Representing melanin in an unscripted way than we have yet to see in our community in art shows and exhibitions – create a unique viewing experience. Telling and showcasing the stories and beauty in all shades of melanin especially in an under-represented community that does not have many black artists to represent them or show how beautiful their skin is.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Robin Gislain Shumbusho


I am a Rwandan creative director and photographer, majoring in Journalism. I create a body of work that shows the beauty within the African culture and black culture at large. My portrait and editorial work have been featured on various platforms (canon Canada, Chatelaine mag, Grnwood Magazine, and more). I created a series name "UNSCRIPTED MELANIN I" which had a mini-exhibition with huge success afterward in print sales. My current goal is to make an exhibition large enough to accommodate the "UNSCRIPTED MELANIN I & II" for a good amount of time with a couple of workshops regarding the photography and graphic design behind the series.

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