Ben Loves Me 2021

The artist's solo exhibition is an installation made with photographs of several flowers kept over the years. These flowers went through a drying process and were then photographed. The image of each flower measures between 80cm and 110cm in height by its proportion. The project deals with affective memories of the artist, whose central theme of her work is what she calls the taxonomy of affections. These affections dialogue with nature and its transformation over time.

Ben Loves Me, 2021
Photo instalation
varied dimensions

Angel of Life 2020

The history that is written and erased. Is written again … and deleted.
And from the overlap is evident the traces that bring the uniqueness, but also the universality of events.
A slave people who live by privation, and while fighting for their liberation, find in their own home the security of life, and later in the sea and desert their freedom.
Erase. . .
All peoples frightened by a virus who are obliged to live by privation, and while fighting for their salvation find in their own home the security of life, dreaming of the achievable freedom.
In both versions the Angel of Death passes by, that for different reasons takes lives, but also protects them. Punish and save.
A new story.
I think of the Angel of Life.
* Palimpseptic is a project idealized during the pandemic, which consists of a collective performance, in which 26 artists performed individually and sequentially an action on a fabric.

Angel of Life, 2020
HD video
05:00 min.

If 2020

I used key tags to identify each step of a long emotional process. While the “virgin” keys do not open old doors, they bring the power to transform turn into any secret.

If, 2015 – 2020
90 no secret keys, identification tags with reflective verbs
items of different sizes

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Roberta Goldfarb


Roberta Goldfarb (São Paulo,
1978) is a visual artist, graduated
in Advertising (FAAP, 2001), with specializations in photography by Senac (São Paulo), La Escuela de
la Imagen y el Diseño and Center Cívic Pati Llimona (Barcelona) and International Center of Photography (New York). Her poetics is based
on a taxonomy of affects in which objects are brought together, organized and classified to fit into the sphere of art. Among its exhibits are the group shows Dizer Fazer (Ateliê RG, 2014) and Enquanto Tempo (Oficina Oswald de Andrade, SP, 2014) and the individual Levantes, rajadas de vento ou os planos para ver o mundo, (Ateliê RG, São Paulo , 2014) and Preamble to a World Tale (Galeria Rabieh, SP, 2012). Lives and works in Lisbon.

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