salire 54 2017

The height of the exhibition space ÷ 1.618 is exactly my height.
The length of the axis and the spacing where the branches grow is the length of the first joint of my fingers.
Beginning with the bottom branch and continuing to the top of the axis each branch rotates 137.5 ° from the previous one.

Since none of the branches of the structure are affixed to anything a periodic gust of wind causes them to sway.
Due to the 137.5 ° interval between branches nature provides maximum sunlight to each branch.
As a result of external factors like wind or rain or storms there’s no guarantee that ideal sunlight conditions will always exist.
However, some kinds of plants conform to that rule.
137.5 ° is the golden angle with respect to 360 °.
It is an arrangement which combines beauty and rationality and I attempted to re-create with my humble, human hands an alternative model.

armonia 108 2014

The number “108” has a deep meaning in Buddhism.
And let’s look at this from a mathematical perspective.
There is a concept in math called the “golden ratio” in which the interior angle of a pentagon equals 108° . ;In a regular pentagon the ratio of a diagonal to a side is the golden ratio, while intersecting diagonals section each other in the golden ratio.
It occurred to me that 108 represents the place where  science and religion intersect, and thus the importance of this number is featured.
Starting from the center and moving counter-clockwise there are 108 spheres.
There is a hole in the sphere located in the prime number, a wrinkle atop the Fibonacci sphere and the red-colored sphere is perfect number. It’s in these positions where meaning is divulged.
I do not think many viewers will discover the significance of the array as originally intended but I hope, and it’s possible, they may find an alternative meaning.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Rika Akahori


Born July 15th, 1980 in Gifu.
Left for Milan, Italy in 2003, and completed her graduated course at Brera Academy in 2007.
Came back to Japan in 2011,
and has been creating her art works of Installation Art, expressing numbers within nature.
live in Gifu, Japan.

selected Exhibitions
2017,2015,2013 Nakanojo biennale (Gunma)
2015 Rika Akahori/ Solo exhibition Art Museum Kyokushou (Gifu)
2014 Fujinoyama biennale curated by Tetsuo Yamashige (Shizuoka)
2012 new generation of contemporary art curated by Morio Shinoda+art museum Kyokusho (Gifu)
2010 InOpera2010- sulle orme di padre Matteo Ricci curated by Antonio Paolucci, P.Ballesi, E.Mori Palazzo Buonaccorsi (Macerata)
2009 Premio Nazionale delle Arti curated by the Ministry of Educationle/ ciminiere (Catania)
2008 Lo Specchio dell’Arte curated by Pierluigi Buglioni /Visconteo Castle of Trezzo sull’Adda(Trezzo sull’Adda Milan)

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