pyjamas party 2018

In August/ Spetember 2018, Matlakas was invited by British Council England and Municipal Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine, to join a 40 days residency program. Matlakas created three performances and “Pyjamas Party” is one of them. The artist creates tank size Pyjamas and creates fake permission from Italian and Ukranian Governments in order to deliver the action. The Artist, with the help of local people and fiends, managed to deliver the action successfully, creating dialog around the topic of war and conflict.

Melting Borders 2018

My intention with this action is to highlight the beauty of culture and how nevertheless the difficulties Armenian culture remained very strong, so what remains of a flag is simply the real essence of culture, the sweetness of it. Flag belongs to politics and the real importance belongs to traditions and culture what people share and not what people struggle or fight for.

With this action I wanted to symbolically melt the borders away, leaving only the sweetness and the beauty of humanity. This particular time “melting Borders was performed alongside the 30th Anniversary exhibition at Darat Al Funun, in Amman, the documentation sisplayed from October2018 to January 2019.

Sweet Thorn 2015

Walking in barbed wire represents the fact that everything can be taken but our essence will be impossible to be possessed by others and that although we can have a loss of property or objects, there will always be growth afterwords.

The idea of “Sweet thorn” Emerged from my tour to Palestine and South Africa and developed at IPSA (Institute of Palestine in South Africa).
Sweet Thorn, is inspired by the sound of “sweet sweet home”, in this case the home is my own body, the essence of my soul that can’t be taken by anyone.
This performance is about essence and about saw seeding freedom.
It explains the fact that Palestinians as many other are facing issues of their land to be stealed. and many lose their houses because wars,etc. This performance is about the condition of ownership and what that creates when mixed to greed and injustice. Although this work began being inspired in Political issues and specific to Palestine, it remains apolitical and universal, explaining certain human be

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Riccardo Attanasio

United Kingdom

Riccardo Matlakas is best known for his multi-talented capacity in different art forms including
performance, dance, painting and sculpture.
He obtained a degree in Sculpture at the University of Fine Arts in Naples and an MA in Social
Sculpture at Oxford Brookes University.
Riccardo values the context he works in as the main inspiration for his work, finding a common
ground with each culture he connects with. He creates cathartic actions and performances in the
fore-front of current political, environmental and spiritual concerns by digging for the essence of
humanity beyond race and custom. The artist often collects relics from his performances which later
become objects of memory and contemplation. Amongst many residencies and exhibitions abroad
Riccardo Matlakas has performed and shown his work in Moscow Biennale of young artists in
2010, Gwangju Biennale in 2014 and Prague Quadrennial and had his work collected by the
museum of Modern Art in Odessa, Ukraine and the Museum of Pales

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