Selección humana 2019

This is the story of a man who strongly believes in wearing masks to show his true self, he does not believe that the people around him have the maturity to accept his natural self, so he shows them different facets of it by using invisible masks, these govern their behavior and in certain cases create internal conflicts of attitudes to adopt for their true selves.

Diferente 2019

This is a story about me, my way of thinking of the control of the heart, this is controlled by 4 thoughts, Passion, Depression, Sex, and Power, this 4 are the ones that pump the energy to the heart to keep going, in the painting I describe the 4 thoughts by characters and faces and in their surroundings they have symbols and pieces of my memories of those 4 that I have experience.

H.Q.D.D 2019

This is story is from a woman that have a great difficult absorbing the words that people say to her, she explained to me that every thing that people say tom her she feels it very strong like if they were attacking her and this has its pros and cons because if they told her a positive thing she would feel very good but if she receive a negative comment this will lead to a depressing feeling.

The center symbolize her, and the surrounding sentences are comments that I recollect from people, this are phrases that are powerful for the owner of the phrases, they have a strong reaction from these words. The curious thing about the recollecting of these phrases was that when I ask for them I told them “Tell me YOUR phrase, the phrase you know that when you hear it your mood change instantly for good or bad” mostly all the phrases lead to negative thoughts I don’t why people focus on telling me phrases that are negative for them, even when they were not aware of the story of the painting.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ricardo Davila


My name is Ricardo Dávila, Mexican artist and storyteller, artistically I use the name HUESOS (bones) thats also the name of my project. The project is about people’s stories. I dedicate my paintings to the person’s history. I started in 2011 when I created the brand of the project without knowing it would be the brand. And from there I kept experimenting until 2015 that I started with the painting, my works are about the person’s story, they tell me their stories of any kind and with their consent I shaped them into paintings, all my work are the result of this collection of stories, I do not prefer a specific type of story since I think they all have a unique value. I firmly believe that the purest form of art to admire is that of oneself, that’s why I paint what the person has to tell, this to create connections between people through their stories and tell a bigger story.

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