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Renata Franzky


R. Franzky works as an artist in Munich, Germany. Born in Central Asia she grew up with and between two completely different cultures. This still has an impact in her art today. The love for strong colors and staging from her Central Asian side and her quiet, subtle element side of the European influence are evident in her work. Her figurative art is representational and abstract at the same time. Apparently opposing elements such as line and surface are united in a single picture. The unspoken and invisible, was made visible through the concrete representation and line. In her Art with topics as human being, loneliness, but also soulfulness in gestures of daily life, concentrates Renata Franzky in spaces, colors and graphic elements”. Since her first solo exhibition in 2016 her works were presented internationally in several places such as Germany, France, Britain, Luxembourg and Italy (Florence, Venice) in different exhibitions, gallery shows and Biennales.

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