I have found you, but we will still die 2018

Medium: Lemons, needles and thread
Dimensions: 16 x 3 x 26 inches
About: I have found you, but we will still die was created after developing a deep fear of the love of my life dying before me.

Between Life and Death 2019

Medium: Fruits, vegetables, plants and pins
Dimensions: Variable
About: Between Life and Death focuses on emotional dichotomy, and how we can experience an essence of two contradictory emotions simultaneously.

Here: Canoe Meadows 2019

Medium: Pine needles
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
About: Here focuses on my urge to collect things from places that have provided me with calmness, completeness & genuine happiness.

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Rebecca Schnopp

United States


Rebecca Schnopp grew up in western Massachusetts and moved to Boston to attend the Lesley University College of Art & Design where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has received awards including the Stephen D. Paine scholarship from the Boston Art Dealers Association, the Norma and Rose Avnet Fellowship from the Berkshire Art Association and the Deans Award of Excellence from the Lesley University College of Art & Design.

Rebecca is an artist, arts advocate, and arts administrator currently residing in the Greater Boston area. Her current work explores dichotomies, including permanence and impermanence, life and death and, pleasure and pain.Through the use of repetitive processes and the intersection of organic and inorganic materials, she explores the physical, psychological and emotional implications of conflicting emotions and events.

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