Untold 2020

"Sometimes, we can't say everything we want to say. There are some things that should only be kept to ourselves."

Acrylic on 60×80 cm Canvas.

Equal 2020

"I dream of a world without differences. Humans, animals and plants are equal."

Acrylic on 40 x 60 cm Canvas.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Ravenska Jo



Ravenska Jo is a Indonesian abstract artist that studying Fine Art major for 4 years until she gets her degree.
As a humanist, she poured her anxiety in most of her paintings. She believes that equality is not limited to all human beings, but also to all living beings. Humans, animals, plants, all equal in her eyes. Unfortunately, humans sometimes elevate themselves and look down on other living creatures. Behaving around and trampling on other living creatures feels that they are God's most perfect creation. But the reality is very far as we think.
She will continue to paint and will not stop until many people are intrigued and aware of the anxiety that has long been buried alone. So, when she is asked about the inspirations she gets, she will answer it briefly, "This is only mental unrest which I cannot speak verbally."

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