The Marmaids 2020

has been inspired by the fantasy that comes from fairy tales, dreams, magic, and myths. It focuses on the concept of the borders between body (the outer world )and soul (desiring), and between time and place.

In fairytales, we, some people, can transform from a human being into fantasy creatures.
It's a new stage of evolution.
Not a new race of creatures to be feared, but rather the opportunity to find advancement within us all.

False Memory 2018

By false memories, we're talking about things we recall happening that never actually did. It can be an event you think you attended​ or some detail you incorrectly remember, and it happens even to those with good powers of recall. False Memory is an experimental project based on the rotoscope using various modes of drawing and digital painting. It's an attempt to interpreting reality by using some fantasy and invites the viewer to become a participant.

Lost in Transition 2015

I couldn’t believe I was entirely dead. Maybe I’m in between life and death. Perhaps it’s a temporary death in which while I’m spending my holiday in this life, swimming outside my inner-self in light without a sun after a nap that feels like an awakening and awakening that feels like a nap.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Rasha Amin Dawood


Rasha Amin is an Egyptian multidisciplinary artist based in Italy, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Helwan University Cairo / Egypt in 2003.
She has been exhibited internationally in both solo and group shows, Combining painting, drawing, installation, and video art.
Amin has found an intersection point between them and subsequently developed her own visual and conceptual vocabulary.
Her work mostly like a connected dots game, as she makes a connection between things that matter in her world, she explores themes of time and memory, in between are continuing themes in her work.

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