Biodiversity 2020

The work is a circle of approximately 150 pieces made in vitrified relief. You can see a series of organic motifs that are repeated changing size and color, resulting in a dynamic and varied unity. It is a work inspired by the dynamics in which different species live within the coral reef ecosystem. Its aesthetic attributes are revealed in such a way that the viewer who has immersed himself in an environment with these characteristics can easily identify with the scene.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Rafael Larios


I am a self-taught visual artist, with architectural design studies. Born and resident in Honduras and I am 42 years old. Currently the discourses that I develop have to do with the socio-territorial development of the region I live in. I use mixed techniques and abstract languages ​​to compose the works. For twenty years I have worked as a consultant for architectural and topographic models, professor of plastic arts and Art History, facilitator of production workshops for territorial planning tools and as a commercial artist.

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