Displaced 2020

"Displaced" is a metaphor of people been displaced by politicians and vulture capitalist. This corruption entities are sweeping my country like a giant wave. Technically in this piece I place a video of a wave and used it to displace the pints of a 3d sphere.

Sounds from El Toro 2021

This piece is an audio visualization of the sounds recorded by the artist on a hike on El Toro trail in The National Rainforest El Yunque. The lines represent the path from all the people that have pass by the place moved by the sound of the trail.

Quarantine 2021

From another place I watch you and ask myself If we were always in "Quarantine" 2021.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Rafael Hernandez

Puerto Rico


Rafael Hernandez was born in 1976 in Puerto Rico.
In his teens he began his artistic training at the Central School of Visual Arts in Santurce until 1994, then entered the visual arts program of the University of the Sacred Heart in Santurce, which he later abandoned to work as a lighting technician in Theater and events. At the same time he works with his work and it is in 2004 that he begins to collectively exhibit his works of digital art. In 2005 he has his first solo show at the La Pintadera gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, then participates in several collective exhibitions with independent groups of artists with video pieces, digital prints and painting. Rafael has continued to develop his techniques exploring the mix between traditional media like drawing and painting with interactive video and digital media.

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