UNR Diversity Mural 2020

Diversity mural painted on the Sierra Hall facade at the University of Nevada, Reno (USA). Diversity and inclusion mural completed in July 2020. 80' high x 55' wide.

Diversity Mural Project Documentary 2020

Documentary about the UNR Diversity Mural

Lester Bowie Mural 2020

Mural dedicated to Lester Bowie Jazz legend born in Frederick, Maryland (USA).

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United States


Even though I was traditionally trained in studio for more than two decades, I have been transitioning to public art (large scale murals) since 2014. I am interested in approaching murals in a similar way I approach canvases in the studio. I have been experimenting with studio techniques while applying them in the street. I have created mural commissions for cities across the US, as well as I have participated in many street festivals and mural competitions.
My current public art deals with colorful portraits of diversity and inclusion. I want to question the importance of color and other shared preconceive ideas about diversity. I use bright color schemes as backgrounds as well as the main tonalities of the diverse portraits. It is important to celebrate our differences so we can understand better our commonalities.
I currently teach Drawing, Painting and Art History at Elmhurst University, in the outskirts of Chicago, IL (USA)

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