"What"gesture in figure style 2019

Charcoal and acrylic on canvas This is conceptualise art is an "art of idea"it is innovative figurative style.it's appear to quationed style "what".

Adventure people 2019

This is water based acrylic colour on canvas.
Size : 24 w x 36 h inch
Pepole are rushes on the slope of the hI'll. It's absolutely imagi nation landscape.

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Priti Biscuitwala


The vibrant abstract painting of indian Artist priti biscuitwala inspired by her photography and imagination of the works. She had eight years of art, education consisting of five years of Acedemic training and three years of private study under a proffessional artist, she continues her art education as opportunity permits .Although she has produced ar work I'm numerous medium over the year.her preference and fineart career is focused on acrylic mixed media abstract. and conceptual painting. She expand on the methodu of conceptual photi graph turn into painting on canvas. Abstract expressium blending automatic drawing, performing gesture and intuitive colour choice,I work with multiple layers and colours texture and blend areas is apparent random paint has been splashed and dripped ares of precidiom. In in ovate style which goes beyond the "rules" of his pice of " freestyle " she key concept that doesn't impose any limits.his idea is rich and deep, Abstract and conceptual improvisa.

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