Human 2021

Are we used to the appearance of the human body? Are we indifferent to them due to the excess of photos in social media and advertisements?

What do you really feel when you see the naked bodies of these two young women?

This series of photos, showing the bodies of two women of similar age, was created to show how different our bodies are and that despite the #bodypositive trend, they can still evoke extreme emotions that they should not.

Or maybe they should?

Yin and Yang 2021

Yin and yang made with hands of one fat woman and one very slim anorectic woman – #bodypositive

Poor Little Match Girl 2021

Project inspired by book Poor Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen.
Photographs ware made in burned forest in a Wdzydze Landscape Park, where over 5 hectares of forest were burnt because of the carelessness of man.
Every year all over the world forest fires break out, destroying not only nature but also spreading to villages and cities. These are stories that we forget, and this threat has a huge impact on our lives and safety.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Piotr Marciński


Piotr Marciński is a native of Poland who lives in small town Koscierzyna. He is self-taught professional photographer, born on 16 may 1982.

His artistic photography is mostly focused on conceptual art photography and people photography. Often creating photos that reflect social issues – with help of models, objects and costumes.

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