Multilayered Map #02 2019

My art practice is based upon a continuous manipulation of images. These are intersected, mixed and fused together through the use of software, digital technologies and manual intervention. The denial of the single image leads to assemblages in which the elements are no longer separable but rather become part of multi-layered networks.

digital prints on transparent polyester , 6 sheets of plexiglass distributed on three layers, steel wires, screws, and hooks, plastic spacers, 100x100x10 cm

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams 2019

“Cave of Forgotten Dreams” puts into discussion perceptual, narrative and mnemonic mechanisms that characterize contemporary visual consumption. Manipulated and superimposed within the space, thousands of images downloaded from the Internet form the immersive and fractal site-specific installation. One where each viewer’s individual movement of the body and gaze corresponds to an infinite number of unique sequences of meaning.

15 digital prints on transparent polyester, alluminium profiles, led lights, each work misures 91,4x290x0,4 cm, Macro, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, 2019

Google’s Decalogue 2019

The project starts from the 10 commandments, the laws written on the two tablets that, according to the Bible, were given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai. These phrases are typed in English on ‘Google Search’. The resulting material is downloaded from the Internet, digitally manipulated, printed on transparent films and subsequently mounted on aluminum to form an immersive installation. Google’s Decalogue investigates the relationship between the original univoque elements, the tables of the God’s laws, and the Multiple, the results of the researches. Starting from a single sentence one inevitably moves away towards a multitude of different directions.

18 digital prints on transparent polyester, 6 alluminium frame, led lights, 12v trasformers, timers, works dimensions 70x270x36
cm, Spazio Gamma, 2019

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Pietro Catarinella


Pietro Catarinella studied architecture and photography before completing his Ma Photography at Central Saint Martins (London, UK). In the same year (2014) started a project called Data Traffic: an art research / practice questioning the contemporary visual condition in the digital era.

2019 – “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”, Macro – Contemporary Art Museum of Rome, Rome, Italy; “Anatomies”, project room, exhibition within “Prospettive dell’infrasottile” curated by Butik Collective , The Others Art Fair – Specific, Turin, Italy; 2015 “(De)Construct – New Positions on Contemporary Photography from the UK”, bi-personal exhibition, supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, organized and curated by Vanja Contemporary, AV17 Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

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