Circe 2020

Scanned items abstracted in motion. Depicted: stained fibers, blue goldstone, a tiger's eye heart, and an obstructed plastic object.

Circe's arranged objects reflect her cunning nature, shown through the stains and strains put upon the fibers. Her beauty, as reflected by the gemstones. As well as her magic, which is seen in the reflection of the plastic distortion in the upper left corner.

Ferry Man 2020

Scanned items distorted in motion.

Color distortion with a plastic transparent object reflects the river, as the solid colors reflect the ferry man and his boat.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Pici Dennon

United States

Shayla Dennon A.K.A. Pici Dennon is a psychedelic artist as well as a comic artist. With a B.A. in "Art and Ritual: Giving Power to Artistic Expression" from the University of Redlands' Johnston Center, Pici specializes in works which connect the material body to international concepts of the divine. Pulling heavily from discourse surrounding Greek and Sardinian mythos, Pici depicts ancient understandings through distortions of modern reality in hopes of transforming the modern understanding of the divine and the bizarre.

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