You never know when it's coming 2020

My practice up to date was largely centred around abstract and semi-figurative paintings concerned with the layering of color, shape and texture. The essence of my artistic practice is a strong reaction to reality which touches and compares the new modern world largely with the term “Kafkaesque”, showing paradoxes, contradictions and results of searching for meanings. I am often looking for paths of the unexpected. Provoking the participant to new and perhaps unexplored territories, creating new and unpredictable cycles of thoughts and associations, providing an experimental chance to challenge one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions.

Untitled 2020

Untitled (Drowning) 2020

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Philippe Rebosz


Philippe Rebosz was born in Suresnes, France in 1989. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, first at the Faculty of Painting and then
at the Faculty of Media Art. He received a MA First-class Honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2013. Rebosz lives and works in
Berlin and Warsaw. Philippe Rebosz’s painting works are created in response to the surrounding reality, recording and analyzing media messages
created by the mass media and the way they depict reality, attempts to translate emotions into the language of painting try to render them riotous,
impermanent and overloaded with messages, giving in to bold colors, forms and spatial relations, seeking the function of the medium rather than its
ability to convey meaning. His work has been shown and collected at Wizytujaca Gallery in Warsaw (2018), Salon Akademii Gallery in Warsaw (2018),
Gallery FF in Lodz (2017), Headquarters of the Polish National Bank PKO BP in Warsaw (2014) Spokojna 15 Gallery in Warsaw

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