Amadeus 2019

My main interest is music, especially classical. For the first time when I listened to Mozart for days, I was thinking about how a human being at an early age could make such a piece for the world. So I decided to take a photo in honor of Mozart and to show it to be still in motion, based on the pieces by this immortal artist. I also named the photo in honor of Mozart, Amadeus so that it will never be forgotten.

Lorca in The Painting Art 2019

It is the story of a girl who lived through a period of history but was never seen, and though she was very artistic, she always hid from others until one day her identity was revealed. She was still trying to keep his identity a secret until she was satisfied to register herself in history. This girl's name is Lorca, and I have been trying to portray her face with the story she has in my mind so that the whole world can touch her feelings.

Allium Roseum 2020

I've tried my best to do my best. My goal is clear: I want to show myself in the best possible way for all the people of the world. It doesn't matter to me if I'm being ridiculed or encouraged as soon as I'm noticed.

In this project, the whole team has tried to show art from within due to the problems that have arisen, the flowers are a symbol of freedom, liberation, and peace that will one day encompass all of us. It doesn't matter if you are good or evil, in the end, it is good that will surround you. As a photographer for this project, I have tried to mix my dark and light emotions with my photos until my personal feelings are better understood. The make-up artist has spent about 7.5 hours painting the model's skin, but I shouldn't forget the important role of the model, which unfortunately was taken to the hospital after a lot of work pressure. Thank you for taking the time to read this text.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Peyman Naderi


Peyman Naderi (1990) is a Persian contemporary fine art and portrait photographer. He is a self-taught photographer who started his first professional projects in the year 2013. Peyman has received several awards including 1ST Classified Category Winner 2020, Fashion, Creative Photo Awards 2020, Siena Awards, Second Place In Portrait in Fine Art Photography Awards 2020, Particular Merit Mention in All About Photo Awards 2020, Bronze in Fine Portrait, and Other in One Eyeland Photography Awards 2019, 1st Place in Conceptual in Chromatic Awards 2019, 2nd Place in Fashion in Chromatic Awards 2019, Gold In Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 in Portfolio Category and Also Peyman has been chosen as a 100 Great Photographers of 2019.
He is currently represented by the reputable Sakura Gallery in Paris and Blinq.Art in Sydney.

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