The Death of Ace 2018

These photos represent a scenario and a story that had preoccupied my mind for days. To be honest, I am not very interested in the aesthetic view of art. Quite the contrary, I am very passionate about the imaginative view, and I always try to make sure that there is a meaning behind my photos. Hence, in this project, I attempted to portray two parallel and simultaneous lives, the life of the fish and the life of the human. The first photos have an aesthetic view, but then the story begins, and the meaning starts to flow.

Here is the story:
Although this person behaves based on her own values and what she deems right or wrong, she harms others. Trying to be kind and unable to comprehend the reality, she hurts the fish, and only when she takes the hat off, is she able to see that it is dead. She realizes what she has done and feels deep sorrow and regret inside her, but she knows that nothing can bring the fish back to life again.
This story represents the lives of many of us.

The Maid of Orléans 2018

In these photos I have tried to show bondage and captivity, captivity has different aspects, from body bondage to mind and soul bondage. I have been involved with these types of bondage for many years and I have tried to look at this frame with “Fine Art” approach thus leave a constant image behind and show my point of view to the audience .
I have tried to show different aspects, I have chosen metal and flower so not only I can show the hardness of this barrier but to show the softness release that comes after the bondage of this pain.
All the items used in these photos are real and hand made and much time has been put into making them, special thanks to miss Nasim Amirbeikzadeh and miss Mahshid Ali Maddad for all the creativity and work they have put into the flower decoration and making them.

Portrait of Lorca 2019

It is the story of a girl who lived through a period of history but was never seen, and though she was a very artist, she always hid herself from others until one day her identity was revealed. He was still trying to keep his identity a secret until he was satisfied to register himself in history. This girl’s name is Lorca, and I have been trying to portray her face with the story she has in my mind so that the whole world can touch her feelings.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Peyman Naderi


Peyman has received several awards including Gold Medal in Chromatic Awards 2019 in Conceptual Photography and Silver Medal in Chromatic Awards 2019 in Conceptual Photography, Gold In Moscow International Foto Awards 2019 in Portfolio Category, Bronze In Fine Art Photography Awards 2019 In Fine Art Category, Bronze In PX3 2019 In Fine Art – People and Also Peyman has been chosen as a 100 Great Photographers of 2018 and also Took 2nd Place In Conceptual Photo In 35Awards 2018, and also he has been Winner in Chromatic Awards, ND Awards, Tokyo International Foto Awards, PX3 and International Photography Awards and V Concurso International De Fotografía ‘Alicante’ 2019. His work has been published in international publications including Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Elléments Magazine, Scorpio Jin Magazine and The Exhibition was In Ontario, 2019 CONTACT Photography Festival and Also The Last Exhibition was in France, 2019 Voies Off, Galerie Des Arènes and in Los Angeles, USA, La Art Show 2020.

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