geo forms II. 2019

artificial interventions in the ground to catch water, to fill waste and others

geo forms I. 2018

natural interventions into the ground, where space and at the same time form are created

corn rollers 2018

corn rollers for the creation of agrography, belongs to the category of agroart graphics

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Peter Králik


Slovakia (b. 1981 in Michalovce)
Currently in Michalovce, Slovakia.
used all the " basic " visual media such as painting, graphics , sculpture+ photos and videos . This portfolio shows only some of my works /
2000 – 2006 TU, Faculty of Arts, Department of Fine Art and Intermedia, , Košice, Slovakia in sculptor (Free Creativity Studio 3D, Prof. Juraj Bartusz, akad. sochar)
2003-2004 – internship at Accademia di Belle Arti L'Aquila
I observe country which is surrounding me as well as country I am crossing. I observe it as a whole piece and in the same time I study it in a small detail, I style it, rhapsodize, and it’s uplifting. I observe ‘Agro Processes‘That’s the origin of ‘AgroArt‘; which means to me artistic reflection of use/possess of ordinary vegetal processes of agricultural plants or country itself.Seen Agro Processes have mine or individual poetics, which comes from ability to transform their ordinary form into something unusual.

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