I Hear The Howling Of God And I Forgive Myself. 2016

I this installation I have created a scene which provokes a conversation about religious guilt. The human scale, red, conical components, reference medieval flagellation. The centerpiece is an altar which allows for “communication” on the ground in the profane and through the hanging rope which is the “above”.


Have You Beheld The Natural World?. 2017

This piece is carved out of wood which then was treated with fire. The painted panels introduce a grotesque perspective of the for the realities as we may experience them scientifically as well as from a religious point of view.


Devouring Rejection, Turning To The Left. 2018

Performance piece based on extinct Eastern European tradition of serving blood as a token of rejection. This piece was written and arranged to exist as a ritual of accepting dismissal, doing the unthinkable and as a result, a passage into the realm of pure instinct and rebellion.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by C.O.C.A.

Peter Kenar

United States

Peter Kenar was born and grew up in Krosno, Poland. At the age of fourteen he emigrated to United States where he has resided ever since. He has received his BFA in sculpture from Northern Illinois University and his MFA from Indiana University. After his formal education, Kenar has attended Vermont Studio Center as well as Ragdale residencies. Currently he lives and works in Chicago as a project lead, installation designer for Methods & Materials. While continuing his studio practice, Kenar has exhibited nationally in New York, Chicago, Seattle, Grand Rapids, Minneapolis as well as internationally in Tokyo, Okinawa, Venice.

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