Reflection 2019

'Reflection' focuses on objects (car parts) that exist intimately in a moment of stillness and meditative moments, which puts the objects in a reflective mode mirroring collection of memories. The works were installed at the slave auction hall at James fort prison. The installation adapted the idea and history of how slaves were chained from the ground and sold to the slave masters at the auction hall to deny their rights to freedom. The work adapted the idea of chaining by hanging the objects that can't move on the ceiling against object that revolve meditatively by themselves on a pedestal under the hanging object, reflecting the stage where the objects were functioning(liberated) in vehicles against the stage where the objects were regarded disused(enslaved) and abandoned. The exhibition also comprises of found disused car case which was operated to function and reflect light on the objects. The exhibition welcomes the audience into a backdrop of geometrically arranged dirty fabrics

Poetics of Material Memory 2019

'Poetics of Material Memory' is a mechanical art experience showcasing the unique synthesis of second-hand machine (automobiles) imported to Ghana. The exhibition uses machines and painted sculptures to create an immersive experience that invites the audience to rethink about materiality, memory and labour. The exhibition investigated the spatial identities of material objects (auto-mobile/fabric) and shifts its structural parts, making them take on an ethereal outlook. Blurring the line between performative objects, sound installation, moving sculptures and video installation, the exhibition takes on a choreographic montage that allows the audience to interact with the objects in a theatrical fluidity. It also generates immersive environments that aid the audience to reassess relationship with material objects. This timely exhibition offers a visual scope to re-imagine objects as subjects within the ever-expanding conversation about material objects and their lifespan.

Without a Command 'Untitled' 2017

Without a command, series focuses on mechanical parts which do not move independently but operate interchangeably with other mechanical parts when command is issued. Untitled II was featured in “Orderly Disorderly”, K.N.U.S.T end of year exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology, Accra from 30th June 2017 to 1st September 2017.

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Percy Nortey


I am an artist who lives and works in Ghana, born in 1993, in Kumasi of Ghana. As an artist, my practice revolves around the interest in materiality and memory of material objects (automobile/ fabric) and also blurs the line between performative objects, sound installation, moving sculptures and video installation. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in fine art (Painting) from Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi. I have exhibited in group exhibitions like Cornfields in Accra, 2016 and Orderly Disorderly 2017, both at the Ghana Museum of Science and Technology, Accra and a solo exhibition titles Poetics of Material Memory, 2019 at Accra[dot]Alt head office, James Town, Accra

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