Reflection 2020

"Reflection" is designed for Gensquare, a cultural space in Jiangmen, China, responding to a tubal opening in the space that brings light from the rooftop to the ground floor. In the piece, we extend the idea of inviting nature into humanmade architectural space and project natural scenes onto a water surface in the shape of a drop. When people touch the water, they will see clouds moving away, leaves falling, and their shadows blocking the scene. Silently and gently, we hint at the self-righteousness of human beings when they interact with nature. Moreover, as geopolitics, pandemic, and other social issues distance people from others, we aim to introduce warmth and softness indoors. Initiating dialogues among architecture, nature, and people, we emphasize human and non-human objects' mutual autonomy. We wish people would find therapies from interactions.

Wonderland 2020

"Wonderland" is set in a birch grove, portraying the changing nature spectacles of the foggy dawn, the sunshiny noon, and the charming night. Examining the interior, we designed a curved wall for projection. The wall embeds two conspicuous columns and several fabricated embossings, which are turned into foreground birches when the projection is on. Combined with the real birches scattered in the space, an immersive forest environment arousing the yearning for ideal life is established. Moreover, when people walk on the winding bridge built in the front of the wall, different little lives will emerge. As the sun rises from the other end of the horizon, birds will greet the early riser with chirps; as the sunlight pierces through the leaves, butterflies will welcome the explorer with dance; as the moon climbs up the branch, fireflies will guide the home-comer with shimmer.
"Wonderland" evokes people's senses to engage them in nature and appreciate the beauty of life.

Beethoven In Color 2020

On the Occasion of Beethoven's 250th birthday, we participated in an interactive musical exhibition held by Shanghai Concert Hall. Commemorating the distinguished musician, we designed an interactive wall projection – "Beethoven In Color".
"Beethoven In Color" visualizes Beethoven's renowned Symphony No. 5 in the form of color splashing. When a viewer approaches the wall, a new color will appear, tracing the viewer's movement while infusing with the existing colors along the way. The vivid visualization of the music brings the audience a novel perspective of interpreting the masterpiece.
With the use of digital experience design, we aim to introduce fresh experiences for music lovers and offer rewarding encounters for the curious.

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Peiding Zhang


Peiding (Pd) Zhang, founder / Design Director of CT.LAB
Pd has a unique insight into digital media art. He is an expert in creating new media art in various spaces. In the past years, Pd leads CT.LAB, an interdisciplinary design team based in Guangzhou, China, to explore the potential of merging digital media with commercialization. With novel design concepts, the team has successfully applied user experience design, interactive design, graphic design, interface design, image design, and technology development to various display situations. CT.LAB focuses on integrating concept and form, believes storytelling is efficient to build a strong connection between brands and users, and has cooperated with many renowned brands, such as IKEA, Braun, HEYTEA, and GLORIA.

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