The Land is Fertile 2018

The Land is Fertile
30cm x 30cm
Acrylic on Canvas

No more barrenness in the land
I strongly believe all womb is Fertile to receive the seed from the man.
All over the world,every womb is Fertile.
A special tribute to woman looking for the fruit of the womb.

Faces…the series 2019

Faces… the series
30cm x 30cm
Acrylic on Canvas

In every face,there is a desire,only with the eyes of the spirit,you will see those desires

Delivery 2018

24cm x 30cm
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist:Dominion Pedrochi

Delivery:When it is the appointed time of life,I will be there with her,to give her all the necessary support,the baby is coming,I am so excited,and I know it will happen to all the woman desiring the fruit of the womb

Note: The text above was written by the Artist. No modification was made by COCA.

Pedrochi Ekoh


I am from the ancient city of Benin City,Edo State, Nigeria,a graduate of Painting from Auchi Polytechnic,Auchi,Edo State.Nigeria.
I was born in the year of our Lord 29/3/1986.
I love God, Children,and Art.
Currently,I am working with teenagers/youth in my locality, teaching them how to be useful to themselves and society.

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