Fluid 2021

Técnica Acrílica sobre tela
Dimensão: 46 x 54 cm
Descrição: Pintura em folha de compensado com tinta acrílica, lápis 6B e giz.
Tiragem: 1/1
Ano: 2021

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Pedro Antônio Heinrich



My name is Pedro Antônio Heinrich, I am a Brazilian contemporary art painter, born in Amazonas in 1986. Currently based in the city of Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. I am also an award-winning professional photographer with 43 photographic exhibitions in Brazil and in 5 more countries like Cuba, USA, Portugal, Spain and Uruguay.
I have several mentions in newspaper and magazine publications. Now I dedicate myself completely to painting where I finally found a place where I feel in perfect harmony with my internal aspirations.
I am truly inspired by the contemporary artistic movement, with a colorful style that is very present and always opting for primary colors.
My favorite artists are Robert Nava, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Patrick Rigon, Andre Venzo. I always try to update myself looking for an improvement in the narrative of my artistic work.
All I have produced are childhood memories and life-long observations.

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