Sensorial Divinities 2019

Sensorial Divinities
2019, 1920 x 1080 px, Full HD Video

Google is our memory
Google is our memory
A place where we shall decide what is machine and whats human…
Supercomputers… used as external Prosthesis that guide us and control our daily existence… leading us into a techno-dematerialisation lifestyle… in future they will integrate our physical body, minds, thoughts…
Swiping reality… scrolling trough daily life… we are experiencing an age of a technologic and biologic exponential change… a new sensorial revolution…
An artificial way of connecting / disconnecting with the natural world…
Interacting through analogic and electronic signals, guided by information that travels throughout satellites, orbit bodies, created by man that, directly via mobile protheses, act as new divinities controlling via GPS data our daily life performance….n
AI awakening…

Coming From Water [a1] 2019

Coming From Water (a1)
2019, Glass, coral, water, pigment, silicone tube, 29 x 20 x 16 cm
Installation view at Dimora Artica, Milan

Postfossil (a2 /a3) 2019

Postfossil (a2 /a3)
2019, Digital Print on dichroic film, acrylic, 60 x 45 cm
Installation view at Dimora Artica, Milan

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Paulo Arraiano


Paulo Arraiano [b. 1977, Portugal] is a visual artist based in Lisbon. He has participated in several exhibitions, including Dimora Artica [Milan]; Hawaii-Lisbon [Lisbon]; Pivô (S.Paulo); Art Rotterdam [Rotterdam]; Cidade das Artes Museum [Rio de Janeiro]; MAH Museum [Azores]; Quartier General, Centre d’art Contemporain [La Chaux-de-Fonds]; Aeroplastics [Brussels]; Petra Gut [Zurich]; TAL Gallery [Rio de Janeiro]; ArtRio [Rio de Janeiro]; Pena Palace [Sintra]; Galeria Graphos [Rio De Janeiro]; Museu do Côa [V. N. Foz Côa; Museé d’Art Moderne [Luxembourg], Scope/Miami Basel [Miami]; National Building Museum [Washington DC]; P28 [Lisbon] among others. He is represented in both public and private collections such as CAC Málaga Museum, [Spain]; Luciano Benton Collection [Italy]; Quartier-General Arts Center [Switzerland]; MAH [Azores];  Sztuki Zewnetrznej Foundation [Poland]; Pestana Group [Portugal]; Fundação D. Luís / Museum Quarter [Portugal]; MARCC Museum [Portugal).

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